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100 1 _aPerry, John Curtis
245 1 _aSingapore :
_bunlikely power /
_cby John Curtis Perry.
260 _aNew York, NY :
_bOxford University Press,
_c[2017] ©2017
300 _axxv, 329 pages :
_billustrations, maps ;
_c24 cm
520 _a"The life of Singapore as an independent nation since 1965 has coincided with explosive growth, both of world trade and world wealth. Trade, heavily seaborne, now contributes more than half of global GNP. Largely by exploiting changing uses of the ocean, Singapore has grown remarkably rich. Constant and continuing comment in the media concerning Singapore's dramatic economic and organizational achievement has yet to find its way into a book, and this one is the first to put the story of Singapore into a global maritime context, describing and analyzing how, despite many life-threatening crises, Singapore, by using the sea, survived and prospered far beyond even its own expectations. Putting priority upon economic development and maintaining the social and economic stability that Singapore's authoritarian government has thought necessary to achieve this growth has provoked heated controversy both among Singaporeans and outside observers. Although opposition is too weak to challenge the government successfully, the struggle to define an acceptable balance between freedom and control continues. This question takes on a universal concern, intensified in our age of terrorism with its new challenges to order and stability. To what extent does authority stifle creativity?"--Provided by publisher.
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