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020 0 0 _a9781633691667
040 c _cIIMV
082 0 _2004.0684 AUS
100 1 _a Austin, Robert D.
245 1 _aThe Adventures of an IT Leader/
_cby Robert D. Austin.
260 _bHBR Press,
300 _axiii, 328 Pages;
505 _aContents Copyright Introduction THE HERO CALLED TO ACTION The New CIO Challenges CIO Leadership THE ROAD OF TRIALS The Cost of The Value of Damage Communication THE HERO BREAKS THROUGH Emerging Technology Vendor Partnering Managing Talent Standardization and Innovation MASTER OF TWO WORLDS Project Management The Runaway Project IT Priorities IT and the Board of Directors THE HEROS ORDEAL Crisis Looking Forward Epilogue Notes Ways of UsingThis Book Acknowledgements Copyright
520 3 _aThis book was written in the style of 'The Goal' but fell short. Focused on IT problems of one company with concepts that would need to be reformed to match each real world situation of business. This is what a good case study should look like, not a novel.
650 0 _aInformation Technoogy
700 1 _a Richard L. Nolan
700 1 _a Shannon O'Donnell
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