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020 0 0 _a9789811609831 (ebk.)
040 _cIIM Viasakhapatnam
082 0 _a370
100 1 _aRa, Sungsup.
245 0 _aPowering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption:
_cEdited by Sungsup Ra.
250 0 0 _a1st ed.
260 _aSingapore:
300 _a1 online resource:
_b1 b/w illustrations, 55 illustrations in colour, digital, PDF file(s).
500 _aThis edition also issued in print: 2020.
520 3 _aThis open access book presents contemporary perspectives on the role of a learning society from the lens of leading practitioners, experts from universities, governments, and industry leaders. The think pieces argue for a learning society as a major driver of change with far-reaching influence on learning to serve the needs of economies and societies. The book is a testimonial to the importance of learning communities. It highlights the pivotal role that can be played by non-traditional actors such as city and urban planners, citizens, transport professionals, and technology companies. This collection seeks to contribute to the discourse on strengthening the fabric of a learning society crucial for future economic and social development, particularly in the aftermath of the coronavirus disease.
650 0 _aContinuing education -- History -- 21st century
650 0 _aContinuing education -- Effect of technological innovations on
700 1 _aShanti Jagannathan,
700 1 _aMaclean, Rupert.
856 _uhttps://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2F978-981-16-0983-1
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