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020 _a9783319688367
040 _cIIMV
082 _a658.008
100 _aPochiraju, Bhimasankaram ed.
245 1 _aEssentials of business analytics:
_bAn introduction to the methodology and its applications
_cby Bhimasankaram pochiraju
260 _aUSA:
300 _a980p.
365 _cINR
440 _aInternational series in operations research & management science
520 _aThis comprehensive edited volume is the first of its kind, designed to serve as a textbook for long-duration business analytics programs. It can also be used as a guide to the field by practitioners. The book has contributions from experts in top universities and industry. The editors have taken extreme care to ensure continuity across the chapters. The material is organized into three parts: A) Tools, B) Models and C) Applications. In Part A, the tools used by business analysts are described in detail. In Part B, these tools are applied to construct models used to solve business problems. Part C contains detailed applications in various functional areas of business and several case studies. Supporting material can be found in the appendices that develop the pre-requisites for the main text. Every chapter has a business orientation. Typically, each chapter begins with the description of business problems that are transformed into data questions; and methodology is developed to solve these questions. Data analysis is conducted using widely used software, the output and results are clearly explained at each stage of development. These are finally transformed into a business solution. The companion website provides examples, data sets and sample code for each chapter.
650 _aDecision making-Mathematical models;
650 _aIndustrial management-Statistical methods-Computer programs;
650 _aBusiness analytics;
700 _aSeshadri, Sridha ed.
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