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245 0 0 _aDigital business models :
_bdriving transformation and innovation /
_c[edited by] Annabeth Aagaard.
250 _a1st edn
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264 1 _aNew York, NY :
_bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg,
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520 _aThis innovative edited collection explores digital business models (DBMs) and theories to contribute to knowledge of how companies, organizations and networks can design, implement and apply DBMs. It views DBMs in a range of contexts and forms, which can be integrated in a number of ways, and aims to inspire and enable academics, students and practitioners to seize the opportunities posed by digital business models, technologies and platforms. One of the first and comprehensive contributions to the field of DBMs and digital business model innovations (DBMI), the authors discuss the opportunities, challenges, implementation and value creation, customer and data protection processes of DBMs in different contexts
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700 _aAnnabeth aagaard
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